Notes On Future Mathematics Posts

I recently remembered my company, AoPS supports blog creation for their users. In particular, it has the full functionality I’m used to on their message board. In particular, they have native \LaTeX support, in addition to support for the Asymptote vector graphics language. This makes writing math significantly easier on my end, and significantly easier to interact with on the reader’s end.

Here is my first post, a rewrite of Introduction to Sets. This shows how much more functionality there is, such as the option for “discovery based” definitions and problems, by using the native option to “hide” text for users to click on. There is also support for python code, which I am excited to play around with.

Moving forward, I’ll be porting the current math-related posts of significance to that blog. Any future posts will have an introduction on this blog, so you know what’s going on, and then a link to the AoPS blog post.

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